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Campus Eateries

Campus Eateries


   CGU offers over 15 dining options right on campus. Whether you crave traditional Chinese cuisine, or just a sandwich and an espresso, be sure to schedule time for a meal during your campus visit.

   The CGU campus offers a wide range of dining options, which you will find listed below.


Tel: #2412
Mon-Fri: 11am-9pm.
Serve breakfast, lunch, dinner. Indoor eating area.
Family Mart
Tel:2118129 & 2750450
Mon-Sun: 7am-12pm.
A convenient store sells all kinds of light foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Other commodities can also be found here.
Yi-Hsiang-Jing Bakery
Tel: #2401
Mon-Fri: 7am-8pm.
Serve sandwich, hamburgers etc. for breakfast. Also serve various kinds of tea drinks all day long.
Huge Kitchen (Hong-Chu) Buffet
Tel: #2403
Mon-Fri: 11am-8pm.
Serve traditional Chinese buffet.
Bai-Li Buffet
Tel: #2404
Mon-Fri: 11am-8pm.
Serve traditional Chinese buffet.
Dragon Fast Food
Tel: #2402
Mon-Fri: 7am-8pm.
Serve noodles and fried rice et al.
Tel: #2405
Mon-Fri: 11am-8pm.
Sells juices, Teas, Coffees and light drinks.
Tong-Hau Cuisines
Tel: #2406
Mon-Fri: 11am-8pm.
Sells Japanese style noodles, traditional Taiwanese rice with meats etc.
Fruit House
Tel: #2407
Mon-Fri: 11am-7pm.
Sells fruits, juices and light drinks.
Roast Duck
Tel: #2409
Mon-Fri: 11am-8pm.
Serve Cantonese-style roasted chicken, ducks, and sausages with rice and vegetables.
Hsiang-Ti Eatery
Tel: #2410
Mon-Fri: 7am-8pm.
Serve breakfasts, noodles, steamed and fried dumplings and steaks etc.


Campus Safety


   The CGU Department of Public Safety is a multi-service agency providing law enforcement, security, safety, crime prevention and emergency services on the CGU campus 24 hours a day. The Office of Public Safety exists to provide a safe, secure atmosphere that is conducive to freedom of expression and movement for people and their property at CGU within the constraints of laws and ordinances.

   The members of the CGU Department of Public Safety are committed to providing high quality, public safety services with a strong emphasis on customer service. To accomplish this goal, we pledge to honor the spirit and letter of the laws we are charged to uphold; we strive to enhance our professional skills and knowledge; and we dedicate our full attention to our duties in order to earn and maintain the public's trust. The hallmarks of our service will be a dedication to the principles of honesty, integrity, fairness, courage and courtesy. We are committed to upholding these values. Let us know how we can best serve you.

   For any emergency report, please call (inside campus) 5000 or (outside campus) 03-2118800 ext. 5000.



Parking & Transportation


   Parking & Transportation Services is your one-stop shop for transportation in and around CGU. If you drive onto campus, we'll help you find the best place to park, and sell you a parking permit that meets your needs and budget. Or you can use alternative transportation (the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital shuttle bus) to commute from the Linko Chang Gung Memorial Hospital to campus free of charge.

   Parking on campus is limited, so if you don't absolutely, positively need a car to get around, save money and parking headaches and leave your car behind.

   CGU affiliation is required to purchase annual permits for their designated building or dorm areas - they are not available to the general public. They are issued only to:

‧CGU University and CG Memorial Hospital faculty, students and staff

‧employees of organizations housed on campus; and

‧persons sponsored by a University department or on-campus organization (such as temporary employees, volunteers and visiting scholars).

   Parking & Transportation Services is located at the First Medical Science Building.

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Phone: 5280. Email:

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